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The Creative Brief: 4.23.2012

BY: ON April 23, 2012

Here at The Ohlmann Group, we make a living on developing creative ideas for clients, so we  know just how important creativity can be to a business.  The Creative Brief is a fun, weekly creativity exercise that helps us sharpen our skills, and allows you to do the same.

This week’s creative puzzle is near and dear to us.  The concept is built around advertising.
Below are 4 randomly chosen words.  Your job, as Ad Agency Creative Director, is to choose one of these four words as something that you are going to create an ad campaign for.  The other 3 words then are to be used as the basis for your creative campaign.

The four words are:

  • Giraffe
  • Dentist
  • Comic
  • Garden

You can use any of these as your product, and then the other 3 are the elements of your pitch.  You’ve got the instructions, you’ve got the resources, and know it or not, you’ve got the creative ability to do it.  Take 5 minutes and let your creativity flow.   Please consider sharing your pitch with the world in our comments.

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