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The OG Weekender 4.20.2012

BY: ON April 20, 2012

Every week The Ohlmann Group team scours the web for interesting, entertaining, and educational content to share with you.  We then separate the wheat from the chaff, bundle up the best, and package it for your consumption in the form of The OG Weekender.  Now presenting this week’s collection of interweb goodness:

It’s 4 /20 Dude – Today is Friday 4/20/2012.  Many people will likely be celebrating today by viewing Marley, a new documentary about legendary musician Bob Marley.  Looks like it will be a great film about a man who was a musical visionary and a creative genius.  On an aside, Why am I suddenly so hungry?

Better than Normal – So normally you are a pretty good writer right. But now, you’ve decided the time has come to take it to another level.  How do you go about making it happen?  Try following this advice from Colin Nissan’s post The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do. 

Critical Information – Looking to improve your critical thinking skills?  Take 2 minutes and read this article from on The 4 Secrets of Great Critical Thinkers. 

My Life In Books – A lot of people spend time reading books.  Some people spend writing books.  Artist Miller Lagos actually spent time building an igloo out of books.  Check out this interesting project that shows that maybe there is a future for printed books?

Metric System – Most people have a love hate relationship with email.  The good news – It’s a great tool for sending messages to people.  The bad news- we spend 1/2 of our waking hours reading messages that were easily sent to us.  If you use gmail, you can get a better feel for just how much time you spend on email with the new gmail meter reporting tool.  Gmail nerds and data geeks will really dig this gmail add on that can tell you exactly how much time you waste in your inbox.  If you are tempted to bounce over to your inbox right now, we have included the following chart by Wendy Mcnaughton to help you decide if that is actually a good idea.

Have a great weekend!

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