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The Ohlmann Group Intern

BY: ON June 15, 2012

Rob WalblayHello everyone. My name is Rob Walblay and I’ve recently started an internship position with The Ohlmann Group in my beloved hometown of Dayton, Ohio. I recently graduated from Wright State University receiving a bachelors degree in communication studies, complemented with a minor in marketing. Throughout the first week of interning I’ve had a chance to work with the incredibly talented and friendly staff here at The Ohlmann Group. Directly working under the creatively gifted Chief Marketing Strategist, David Bowman, I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting with and learning about several valued clients of The Ohlmann Group. I can’t express how much I have enjoyed going through the learning process so far of understanding what makes this incredible team so successful at what they do by maximizing each and everyone of their clients’ potential through communication skills and marketing strategy. I look forward to learning more about all aspects of the dynamic process of marketing through each one of this group’s gifted staff members.



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