The Ohlmann Group to Relocate to Downtown Dayton

BY: ON September 28, 2022

As the agency looks to its 75th anniversary, The Ohlmann Group, a family-owned, Dayton-based marketing and advertising firm, plans to relocate its office to downtown Dayton. After 55 years at its current location on North Main Street, The Ohlmann Group will move its offices to the 130 Building on Second Street. 

130 Building, Downtown Dayton
130 Building, Downtown Dayton

“The decision to move the business wasn’t taken lightly considering our rich history at our current location,” said Linda Kahn, CEO & VP, Media Services. “My father, Walter Ohlmann, was deeply committed to the Dayton community, and we have continued that legacy while expanding our presence in the region and beyond.”

“We’re proud to be a family-owned business that has evolved over the course of nearly 75 years. That’s rare in today’s business landscape, and we believe it speaks to our ability to consistently deliver for our clients. We’re looking forward to the next chapter for The Ohlmann Group,” said Lori Ohlmann, Senior VP, Account Services, The Ohlmann Group.

The Ohlmann Group looks to a future of continued dedication to the Dayton region, while paying homage to its long history here. Founded in 1949 by Bob and Jean Penny, the agency was first known as Penny and Penny. In 1964, Walter Ohlmann joined the firm, and it was renamed Penny/Ohlmann, moving to 1605 N. Main Street in 1967. In 1969, Ralph Neiman, owner of a well-respected Dayton art studio, joined the company, which became Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman, Inc. 

In 2011, Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman changed its name to The Ohlmann Group as the company continued to evolve. In 2015, Walter Ohlmann, who served as the agency’s chief executive officer for more than thirty years, stepped down to become The Ohlmann Group’s chairman. When Walter passed away in 2016, his daughters, Linda Ohlmann Kahn and Lori Ohlmann, assumed ownership and leadership of The Ohlmann Group. 

As the next step in The Ohlmann Group’s evolution, this relocation will allow the firm to operate in the heart of the region’s central business district, near many of the agency’s current clients. 

“Dayton’s known for its innovation, and The Ohlmann Group is on a similar trajectory. We’re proud of our long-time relationships with our clients, and we grow with them. That’s what makes our organization especially unique,” said David Bowman, president, The Ohlmann Group.

The new office space will include high-tech and polished conference and huddle rooms for creating marketing strategies with Dayton’s businesses. The open concept floor plan will also allow the firm’s talented team to collaborate on ideas that ‘Create the Future’ for the agency’s clients against a stunning backdrop of the downtown Dayton skyline from 10 floors up.

“We’re really excited to welcome The Ohlmann Group to the 130 Building and have such a fantastic, creative group join us,” said Matt Arnovitz, Senior Associate at CBRE. 

Tapping into the agency’s creative strength, the office design was created by The Ohlmann Group’s own art department, and will be brought to life by local architecture firm MODA4 Design + Architecture.

Priding itself on providing strategic marketing partnerships that allow clients to focus on their business, The Ohlmann Group is one of the largest and most respected marketing and advertising agencies in the region. And it’s continued on a path of significant growth in recent years, adding new staff in the areas of client engagement, as well as creative and media services. 

Now as a team of 25, The Ohlmann Group values its employees as its greatest asset and vital to the ongoing success of the organization. Our team is inspired to think creatively, motivated to work collaboratively, and empowered to manage their work on their schedules. They’re also encouraged to give back through community service opportunities and the agency’s pro bono work. 

The Ohlmann Group has also expanded its geographic footprint, adding clients in Alabama, Minnesota, and beyond. 

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